CIS Depot Malaysia

  • Cryogenic Tank On-hire & Off-hire Inspections.
  • Vacuum Servicing.
  • 2.5yr and 5yr Periodic Inspections.

Vacuum Pumping

  • On site Cryogenic Tank Interspace Evacuation.
  • Perlite and Super Insulated tanks with capacity up to 500m3.
  • Ultimate achievable vacuum < 3 micron.

Helium Leak Detection

  • On-Site Helium Leak Detection
  • Leak Rates 10-10mbar litres /sec
  • Vacuum Insulated Pipe Lines
  • Vacuum Insulated Storage Tanks

Cylinder Filling Plant Installation

  • Cryogenic LIN LOX LAR Pump & Vaporiser Gas Cylinder Filling Station
  • Remote location installation
  • Liquid sypply via 20ft Tank Container or Bulk Storage Tank

Tank Testing & Refurbishment

  • Inspection and testing as per IMDG, ADG & DNV2.7-1
  • 2.5 and 5 year inspections
  • Repairs to tank and frame
  • Re-certification of PRV’s
  • Vacuum pumping
  • Helium Mass Spec of inner and outer vessels
  • Shot Blast and Painting of tank and frame
  • Replacement Gauges, valves and pipework
Cryogenic Tank Testing

Tank Installation & Cladding

  • Tank Erection
  • Vaporiser Installation
  • Fireproof Cladding
  • Annual inspection
Cryogenic Installation

Onsite Tank Modification

Installation of:

  • New PRVS and Divertor
  • Telemetry Gauges
  • Air Gas and CO2 Centrifugal Pumps
  • Flow Meters
Onsite Tank Modification

Renewal of Mini Bulk Pipe Work

  • Replacement Herose Globe/Gate Valves or Meca Inox Ball Valves
  • Installation of Centrifugal Air Gas or LCO2 Pump and Flow Meter
  • Installation of Hot Water Pressure Build Coil
  • New St.Stl or Aluminium Cabinet
Renewal of Mini Bulk Pipe Work

Cryogenic Tank and Industrial Services

Inspection and Leak Testing Services

IMDG and ADR 2.5 & 5 Year Inspection and Leak Testing Services

Inspection and testing of portable tanks intended for the transport of dangerous goods.

The increase traffic of portable tanks for the transport of dangerous goods including cryogenic containers throughout the world has led to an increase in the number of 2.5 and 5 year periodic inspections as required under IMDG and ADR. CIS can offer this service at our facilities in Australia and Malaysia.